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A survivor of an acid attack will get more compensation according to the SC's orders | India News

AMBALA: The survivor of the acid attack, attacked on October 4, received compensation of 1 Rs lakh under a "program". victim compensation "of the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), which The Supreme Court

On April 3, 2013, the state government, under Article 357A of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), notified and implemented the compensation scheme for victims Haryana .

Hemant Kumar, a lawyer of the Punjab High Court and Haryana, indicated that, in accordance with the latest Supreme Court orders, the amount paid to the survivor is not complete.

As part of the Haryana victims' compensation system, if the survivor is 40 years of age or under, compensation of 1 lakh is granted. And if the age is between 40 and 60, then 50,000, and if the age is over 60, 25,000 Rs are given.

On July 18, 2013, in a case opposing Lakhsmi to the Indian Government, the Supreme Court ruled that in the event of a survivor of an acid attack, the minimum amount indicated was 3 lakh. The court had also ordered all states to make the appropriate changes. After two years, on August 28, 2015, the government had changed its victim compensation system in 2013 and the amount of compensation had been raised to Rs 3 lakh as victims of attack at l & # 39; acid. There is no criterion On the compensation of 3 Rs lakh, the survivor must obtain Rs 1 lakh within 15 days after the incident and the disposition is to give the rest of the Rs 2 lakh in two month.

This compensation will be severed from the fine that the survivor will receive under Section 326-A of the Indian Penal Code . According to sources, DLSA can give the pending amount of 2 lakh to the surviving woman within two months.

On September 5, 2018, a three-judge Supreme Court judge in a case opposing Nipun Saxena to the Indian government ordered that the survivor of the attack be attacked in accordance with national law. Established Service Plan (NALSA) The court also ordered that this new compensation scheme be implemented as of October 2, 2018.

Attorney Hemant said: "The incident of the attack against the ambala having taken place on October 4, the Supreme Court is therefore perfectly applicable to this case.I urge the DLSA to provide compensation under the NALSA scheme pursuant to the orders of the Supreme Court. "

NALSA Victim Compensation Plan

According to the NALSA system, if the damage to the survivor's body is less than 20%, the minimum is 3 Rs lakh and the maximum Rs 4 lakh; If the damage is less than 50%, the minimum is Rs 3 lakh and the maximum of Rs 5 lakh, and if the damage is 50% higher than the minimum, the minimum surviving at 5 lakh and the maximum at 8 lakh. Apart from this, if the survivor's face is disfigured, the minimum of Rs 7 lakh and the maximum of Rs 8 lakh must be indicated.

A reporter from TOI visited the Medical College and Government Hospital, sector 32, in Chandigarh, where the survivor of the Ambala acid attack is being treatment. a hundred in total to her body and she also suffered severe damage to her right eye and her face is severely disfigured.

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