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"Ayushmann didn’t want me in Badhaai Ho" – Neena Gupta

She has been in the industry for some time and is known for her difficult roles.
Choli ke peeche kya hain Neena Gupta saw it all. Compared to her, he's a newcomer who has become the man of choice for trying out-of-the-box and taboo roles, but Ayushmann Khurrana enacted himself as an evolving actor who knows his art well. Together, the duo has its similarities and differences. But we can not deny the fact that the acts of Ayushmann and Neena in the next
Badhaai Ho is expected by many. During a conversation with us, the mother-son pair on the screen talked about the film, its work process, and so on.

Let's start with your mother's chemistry in Badhaai Ho. Tell us about that.

AK: I think that my character, Nakul, is a typical Indian son who thinks his parents can not have sex.
Kyunki at the parents' house . And then suddenly, this guy in his twenties is going to be a newborn's brother! It changes things completely.

NG: I think the script had an important role to play in building a good chemistry. I have scenes with Ayushmann that went so well that I felt satisfied to be an actor.
Aur hum sab achhe log hain so there was no ego conflict or anything, which made the experience fun.


NG: I thought I could prepare myself and I thought about who could be a source of inspiration. I could communicate with someone like that, but I found no inspiration for my role as such. So I just went with the flow. Fortunately, the scenario and direction were so good that I did not encounter any problems.

AK: It is very unusual to see such a situation nowadays. Pehle hota tha aisa ki you would have a
maasi who is your age only.

NG: (Prohibited) You know what, one of my friends recently sent me a picture of her friend, who has two children aged 16 and 18 and who is again pregnant!

AK: Oh my God!
A bachho ka jo mazaak udne wala hai …




Ayushmann, you shot movies about topics you usually do not talk about. You have become the boy of taboo movies …

I think it's good to be in this space. You have to be different, especially at a time when the digital space is developing and writers and directors are presenting more radical ideas. So, I think if you pay money to watch a movie in the movie theater, you should see something different. For my part, I entered the unconventional area directly from Vicky Donor and I am happy to have created a space for myself.

What about the click of Badhai Ho?

AK: This was the simplicity and complexity of the film.

Contrasting words?

Yes, I know it, but it's like that. The family is in a complex situation because of the mother's pregnancy, but the treatment of the film is simple.
Badhaai Ho is different from my previous films because his approach is more commercial. It's for mass consumption. The family is in a funny and delicate situation.

Neena ji, some time ago, you had posted a message on social media asking to work in the industry. Did it really help you? Have things changed after that?

Yes, things have changed a lot. I've also posted a video thanking my fans afterward.

What was the thought behind this post?

I will tell you where he comes from. Many people were asking me
Arre when did you come to Mumbai 'and I used to tell them that I lived only in Mumbai. My base was still Mumbai because my daughter Masaba is here too. On the eve of my assignment, I met a director and this girl who took me to the director's house also asked me, "So when did you come to Mumbai" and that's when I I lost the job. i thought
ki isiliye mujhe kaam nahi milta Because people think I'm not in Mumbai. So, I went home and I was very angry. We were very scared after posting. I thought masaba meri band bajayegi. But she wrote such an emotional response to this post. And yes, things have changed. I've had four consecutive movies after that.

AK: Really? Wow! You know, I think you'll see the big star after this movie.

NG: (Laughs)
Iss Buddhaape mein?

Arre, yahi toh age hain!

Ayushmann, would you like to do something like this?

AK: Why not? In fact, I wanted to do a thriller for a long time and so I sent a text to Sriram Raghavan saying:
Sir, mujhe aapke saath kaam karna hain . He said that I was doing a very different film, not a movie of life. I told him, "Why do not you get me screened"? The next day we did a screen test and that's how
AndhaDhun began. The point is that you should not have an ego or be ashamed of asking for work if you want to evolve as an artist.

Kaam maangne ​​mein koi sharam nahi hain. Kaam maang rahe hain, bheek nahi.

AK: Exactly! If you have talent, why not?

Mein toh kehti hu, talent nahi hai toh bhi kaam maango (laughs). You should be confident to ask. The rest will be decided by the director.

Over the years, Hindi cinema has changed. What kind of change do you see in the Neena industry ji, considering the fact that you have been in the industry for quite some time?

Many things have changed. In fact, I would like to be younger now because young filmmakers are doing very good movies right now. Different and interesting topics are in progress. It's more realistic.

Gajraj Rao plays your father in the movie. This is one of known for his roles in web series and online skits. How did he work with him?

AK: The first time I worked with him, it was for an online skit where he was playing the role of a journalist and where I played the role of film critic. Chemistry was so natural. In fact, it was I who proposed his name for this role in
Badhaai Ho .

NG: And Ayushmann did not want me in the movie!

AK: (Laughs) The story of Woh aap batana. Returning to Gajraj, I wanted it because it had an atmosphere very similar to that of a father. pure and asexual. Funny
tabhi lagega na not if you have an alpha male in the picture. On the contrary, when Amit Sharma, the director, told me that Neena Gupta plays your mother, I told her
Yaar, wo maa wali feeling nahi aayeigu (laughs).

NG: See,
kitni kharab hain meri picture!

AK: Honestly, I could not imagine her as a mother. She had more impression of being an alpha woman. But then, I saw his recent short film and I was surprised. I think this shows his range of actor.

Neena ji, how did your chemistry go with Gajraj?

Chemistry hain of bohot jabardast of Hamari

AK: I think their two spouses will be jealous after watching this movie.

NG: (Laughs)
Mera toh nahi hain. My husband asked me to call Gajraj for lunch one day. But I will tell you an interesting incident that happened during the shooting. There was a scene where Gajraj had to put his hand on my shoulder and, before each shot, he always asked me, "Can I put your hand on your shoulder?" He was careful because he had never played such a role before. But over time, we have all developed a strong bond. He is a very kind person and a good actor.

See you at hairaan ho gaya for a cute approach to sakta hain.

You both come from different drama schools. What approach do you take in playing a particular role?

Mein pehle batati hu. Mera funda bohot simple hatred. I've come to understand that playing is above all saying what you say and hearing your co-actor. I have been around for a while and the kaam toh hum means hi kar lenge. But to do a good job, you should have that kind of concentration.

AK: My process was different when I was doing theater earlier. I would then do some workshops and a lot of preparation for a role. Then I did radio and television and I think that after that, I became more of a natural actor and less a method actor. What Neena Ji says is the right approach. Of course, to everyone's tastes, but I think my style has become more oriented towards what she said.

Photos: Shashank Sane

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