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Trump claims hush money payments were a private transaction

President Trump claims payments his then-lawyer Michael Cohen made to two women during the campaign were a “private transaction,” but prosecutors say they violated the law. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid and The Hill’s Bob Cusack join CBSN with more on the possible fallout. View at DailyMotion

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U.S. in no hurry in negotiations with N. Korea: Trump

We begin this newscast with the North Korea-U.S. denuclearization negotiations. While talks appear to have stalled as of late,… U.S. President Donald Trump once again reiterated that the U.S. isn’t in any hurry over negotiations with North Korea.Our Kan Hyeong-woo starts us off. In his latest tweet that directly mentions …

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Trump brushes dandruff from Macron’s suit

► Read: China cedes to US by opening car industry to foreigners https://on.ft.com/2JUX18n US president brushes dandruff from Macron’s suit during a visit to the Oval Office in the White House ► Subscribe to FT.com here:http://bit.ly/2GakujT ► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: http://bit.ly/FTimeSubs For more video content from …

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