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FL city official charged with murder after store shooting

Michael Dunn, un commissaire de Lakeland, en Floride, a été arrêté et inculpé de meurtre au deuxième degré pour avoir tué un homme qu'il soupçonnait d'avoir tenté de soulever une hachette de son armée. magasin de surplus, ont déclaré des responsables samedi. Le département de police de Lakeland a publié …

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Saudi Arabia's explanation for Khashoggi's death draws criticism

Receive news last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered in the morning of the weekdays. Subscribing Saudi Arabia said Friday night that 18 of its citizens are responsible for murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his consulate in Istanbul the Saudi Attorney General claiming …

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VIDEO: Two apes’ ‘monkey business’ leaves female tourist red-faced in Bali

By: Bureau of Trends | New Delhi | Posted: 19 October 2018 23:31:34 <img class="wp-image-5409745 size-full" src="http://newsneeded.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/video-of-old-woman-from-madhya-pradesh-working-as-a-typist-is-just-the-motivation-you-need.gif" alt=" Monkey sex, monkey sex on the lap of a tourist, monkey bump on the lap of the woman , funny animal video, strange news, strange news, new express "data-lazy-src =" https://images.indianexpress.com/2018/10/monkey-intimate-tourist-lap-759.jpg"/>19199090 35/1017 …

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Women return without entering Sabarimala shrine

A story was missed on Friday morning when the two women who traveled to the Sabarimala Temple had to return without visiting the main shrine. They braved massive demonstrations as they passed by and climbed up under a heavy security blanket. The women were within 500 meters of the main …

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Gay student’s epic homecoming ‘proposal’ to straight friend is going viral for the right reasons

By: Bureau of Trends | New Delhi | Posted: 18 October 2018 22:46:47 <img class="wp-image-5408076 size-full" src="http://newsneeded.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/video-of-old-woman-from-madhya-pradesh-working-as-a-typist-is-just-the-motivation-you-need.gif" alt=" LGBTQ, Homosexual Homecoming Proposal From A Gay Student, Homosexual Student To Ask A Straight Boy, Viral Video, Outings , indian express, good news "data-lazy-src =" https://images.indianexpress.com/2018/10/gay-student-straight-friend-homecoming-759.jpg"/>1919909089, a proposal for a return gay …

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