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Deve Gowda claims Congress inspires Kumaraswamy remaining performed CM CM

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JD (s) Deve Gowda said Monday that he had been offered support to a congressionally-led government in Karnataka after the assembly&#39s verdict, but the latter insisted that HD Kumaraswamy becomes the chief minister.

Gowda said during his hour-long discussion with senior congressional officials Ghulam Nabi Azad and Ashok Gehlot, he had said that the post of chief minister over his son Kumaraswamy for the congressional high command in taking [1 945 9 016 ]

“There was a discussion between me, Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Ashok Gehlot, I told you, you form (the government), I have no problem. did that Kumaraswamy became the chief minister and that was the decision of their high command, “said the former prime minister at a press conference.

In view of continuing differences in the newly formed JD (S) -congress coalition on portfolio allocation and farm loan waiver, which has delayed the expansion of Kumaraswamy&#39s ministry, Gowda said that it would be difficult to keep the promise of relief to the farmers.

“How? With 37 members (deputies of the JDS), we have government support from another party.We will also have continued their programs Without their support, it is difficult

“That&#39s why (Kumaraswamy) said that I will give my resignation, if need be.It has under the will of Congress and not under the will of 6.5 million people. is called himself a child of circumstances, “he said.

Kumaraswamy had promised to cancel a farm loan totaling Rs 53,000 in the next 24 hours, but he has now sought time by citing the constraints of the coalition and the need for more money. evaluate the state&#39s financial situation.

The BJP has called on farmers and all sections of society to observe a state bandh today, protesting Kumaraswamy&#39s failure to honor his promise to waive the loan.

Kumaraswamy had said that he was the “pity” of Congress and not the 6.5 million people of Karnataka because
his party had not received the full mandate that He had asked.

Yesterday he (Kumaraswamy) said that he was under the will of Congress and not under the will of 6.5 million people … who rewarded him for his fight? “Gowda asked.

Congress leaders from Karnataka and Kumaraswamy are in the national capital for discussions on portfolio allocation, and report that there were differences between those who would get key ministries, including the Ministry of Finance.

Asked about Kumaraswamy&#39s earlier statement that he will be the government with those who agree to implement the JD (S) manifesto
Gowda said, “Discussions are continuing. What can be done when the Ministry of Finance is not given (to his party). “

“It remains to them … Congress is a major partner, we are a minor partner.We have not asked for power I&#39ve said to do any one of Congress, I “I&#39m not going to support it.” There&#39s no hiding that. “I&#39m not after power,” said Gowda in response to a question about whether Congress is supporting Kumaraswamy&#39s good decisions.

Gowda described as “low level” the speech of the Leader of the Opposition in Assembly B Yeddyurappa at the end of the vote voted by Kumaraswamy.

“I saw the debates on television.As an ordinary man, I say, I have not seen such a low-level speech,” he added.

Calling the “impious” alliance JD (S) -Congres, Yeddyurappa attacked the Gowda family saying, “The father and the sons will end the Congress.”

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