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Driver unintentionally hits accelerator, car or truck hangs from the fourth ground of the multi-amount parking

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Posted: June 13, 2018 20:15:19

The Honda silver sedan crashed through a door and hung with the driver&#39s side door open. (Source: Santa Monica Fire / Twitter)

It was not so long ago, a weird moment of a speeding car was captured in front of the camera, where it flew into the sky and finally crashed into the second floor of a building. The photo of the car stuck in the building had become viral. Again, another car was sighted hanging on the fourth floor of a building in Santa Monica California. According to a report by ABC News the silver Honda sedan crashes through a door and sways with the driver&#39s side door open.

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The official Santa Monica Fire handle posted the photo and wrote, “ALERT FROM THE INCIDENT: @santamonicafd is on the scene of a vehicle hung from the 4th floor of the parking structure 5 on 1400blk occupants of 4th Street.The USAR team stabilizes the vehicle and works to remove it from the board.Please avoid the area. “

A report from NBC4 indicated that the incident occurred after the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the breach and eventually crashed through the steel barriers of the Santa Monica car park. The car was left hanging on the edge of the building. Fortunately, the driver was safely removed from the vehicle. “Rather miraculous than there was a man out there who could save her so quickly,” said Patrick Nulty, Santa Monica&#39s fire captain, to the news company.

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Santa Monica Fire also tweeted an update on the incident. They wrote: “Update the incident: The vehicle was safely removed No injuries reported @SantaMonicaPD secures the area The 4th street will remain closed for about 1 hour.”

Even though the incident was pretty scary, no one was injured. However, there were many on Twitter who worried about the building&#39s design and its dangerous appearance. Here are some of the tweets published by the post:

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