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‘Empire’ Recap: Jamal Makes A Power Move To Get Money Flowing Again

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EMPIRE: Jussie Smollett in the role of Jamal Lyon in The first edition of The Devils Are Here episode of the EMPIRE aired on Wednesday, September 23 (9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET / PT) on FOX (photo taken by FOX via Getty Images), phot ography, people, one person, artistic culture and entertainment, USA, adult, adults only, tv show, ca California, one man only, hollywood – california, premiere, fox, fox network, wednesday, broadcast, 2015, jussie smollett, jamal lyon, empire – television show, fox20150923, the devils are here season two

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EMPIRE: Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon in Season 2 of The Devils Are Here airs on Wednesday, September 23 (9 pm to 10 pm HEY). on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images) vertical, photography, people, one person, artistic culture and entertainment, usa, adult, adults only, tv show, california, one man, hollywood – california, premiere, fox, fox network , wednesday, 2015, jussie smollett, jamal lyon, empire – TV show, fox20150923, the devils are here the second season

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Source: FOX / Getty

The episode of Empire's Evening resumes with Cookie reading all the headlines about the Lyon family's woes in terms of money to Jamal and Hakeem. She's upset, especially because Lucious blew them up. It's just another reminder that they have work to do. The situation gets worse if they discover that Andre is not coming home today (Lucious went to get him and let himself go). He is in the hole because of the fight he had with the bully with whom he worked. The situation is far from over and we do not even know when Dre will come home, but the Lyon family must move forward. Lucious reveals that he has found new offices and is meeting investors soon. They also want Hakeem and Jamal to sign with them, but they still do it for Empire. We all know that breaking these contracts will not be easy.

It is not a surprise if Hakeem and Jamal visit Kingsley at Empire and encounter contempt when they try to get out of their contracts. Kingsley makes fun of Hakeem's bad lung (but Jamal works with him to find new ways to breathe so that it gets better) and reminds Jamal that he'd do better to make that album than he needs, otherwise he will never leave music again.

Things go even worse when Lucious money makers decide not to lend him money after all. In news, we learn that Candace convinced Cookie to buy a loft at SoHo some time ago and keep this secret information from Lucious. The purpose of the loft purchase was to have a guarantee in case Lucious abandon Cookie again. You know things seemed very unstable with Giuliana during a hot second. Welp, Candace is smart because now, Cookie will put the loft up for sale. We all know that SoHo lofts have a good grip.

Lucious visits Thirsty's office to see if he will join their new company. He is an ambulance hunter now and he is doing well in business. He also launches a side look at Lucious because he has not heard from him for more than a year, but he is now face to face and still needs something. However, Thirsty was in the habit of passing through the clutches of all illicit activities of Lucious, he will surely be back …

That's it?


Part of André's beef with the prison respondent is that he is harassing a child named Quincy. We do not know what Quincy did, but Quincy obviously belongs to college and is smart and may be involved in some technology-related crimes. Dre probably sees himself in Quincy and decides to protect him. It's cool and everything, but something about it also seems strategic.

Lucious confronts Kingsley at Empire because he plays games and even stole the office space Lucious was looking at. These people can not do anything original, right?

Regardless, Kingsley says it's just a business affair, but Lucious is ready to take it to the streets. He even threatens it and says that if he pursues this "commercial" strategy, he could meet his manufacturer. Kingsley is not afraid, though. We know that he has more tricks in his sleeves.

Lucious and Cookie decide to turn their home into the Empire's head office because there are no offices. Cookie's sisters are on board to help the family business, just like Porsha. Thirsty decided to come back as we knew he would and Lucious is trying to get Becky back too. It's still in the air, but she is present for their first professional event in their living room. Thirst helped them attract new potential investors. One of the investors tries to be discreet about the configuration but Cookie is closing, Lucious reminds them that the greatest actions at Empire have all been Lyon, and he wants to demonstrate. So, without further ado, Jamal and Hakeem come on the scene. Hakeem is obviously nervous about this, but it turns out that the work he did with his breathing worked. The song is a hit and Hakeem is back to rap. Tonight is mostly a hit, except that Becky refused Lucious and she has all the rights because she could potentially get a promotion at Empire, for which Lucious neglected. Moreover, the way Lucious speaks to him is stupid so that no one can blame him.

Jamal plays in music, including him and the new Hakeem song he created for Kingsley. This should fulfill its contractual obligations to Empire. Kingsley loves music and thinks he's ready to play, but Jamal wants everyone in his family to receive checks, because each piece picks up some of the past music provided by a Lyonnais. Kingsely tries to get around this problem by claiming that the samples can be removed, but they can not account for Jamal's soundtrack.

Kingsley is tense and that's what happens when we see him ask his assistant to arrange a visit to a penitentiary.

By the way, this bullied inmate ends up being killed while Andre is in the hole. Dre is obviously delighted with this news because it's all part of her plan.

Then we finish the episode of Kingsley's visit. Wait for it, Diana DuBois! The enemy of Lyon is one of his friends. Well, because Dre will be out next week!


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