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India and China should work together to offset the effects of the US approach to trade: the Chinese Embassy | News from India

New Delhi: India and China need to strengthen their cooperation to fight against trade protectionism as a result of the unilateral approach adopted by the disputes related to the trade, said Wednesday the Chinese Embassy to the Chinese Embassy.

It was practiced by a side trade protectionism in the name of "national security" and the "fair trade" will not only affect China's economic development, but will also undermine India's external environment and will hinder the prosperity of its economy.

"As the two largest developing countries and major emerging markets, China and India are in a critical phase of deepening reforms and economic development, and both need to A stable external environment, "said Councilor Ji Rong, spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in India

He was answering media questions about trade frictions between China and the United States.

Last month, the President of the United States Donald Trump imposed a $ 200 billion customs duty on imports from China. China has responded by imposing tariffs on about $ 60 billion of US imports.

Washington threatened to impose additional tariffs of more than $ 260 billion on imports from China if China retaliated.

"Under the current circumstances, China and India must deepen their cooperation to fight against trade protectionism," Ji said.

He stated that China and India share common interests in defense of the multilateral trading system and free trade. The president asked him to protect Xi Jinping and the prime minister from his country. the Multilateral Trading System and Free Trade at World Economic Forum in Davos.

"Faced with unilateralism and the activities of bullying, China and India have more and more reasons to unite to build a more just and reasonable international order", Ji said.

The spokesman of the Chinese Embassy also said that the United States should reflect on their own practice of interfering in the domestic affairs of developing countries like China and India under the pretext of human rights and religious affairs.

"China's alleged" militarization "of the South China Sea distorts the facts: the United States should stop creating turmoil and tension and respect the efforts of the parties concerned to resolve them through negotiation and consultation, "Ji said.

Referring to the Indo-Pacific region, the spokesman said that China was strongly opposed to the so-called Indo-Pacific strategy as an instrument of struggle against China.

At the same time, he added, Beijing was open to all initiatives that could foster development and cooperation at the regional level.

"The allegation that China has put some developing countries in the" debt trap "is nothing but an attempt to sow discord, "said Ji Ji.

He said that China's economic cooperation with other developing countries was a win-win situation and common development.

"China is open to all initiatives that will contribute to regional development and cooperation."

He said that China hoped that the United States would take concrete steps to become a reliable partner of developing countries.

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