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JD (U) Refuses to Support Reservation Request for Upper Castes | News from India

PATNA: JD (U), leader of Bihar [1 9459003] on Sunday rejected support for the growing demand for reserves among upper castes.

"According to the existing provisions of the Constitution, the base of the reserve is social and educational backwardness.Unless the Constitution is modified, the reserve will be only socially and pedagogically backward." The National Secretary General (organization ) of JD (U), RCP Singh, told reporters that the party's executive body was meeting in Beijing on Sunday.

Singh is eager to add that his party leader and chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has launched a series of high caste development projects in the world. ;State.

"Most of the Nitish Kumar government projects are intended for members of all castes, including those of the upper castes.All schemes are intended for all castes.In addition, all of the program defined under all the plans are all castes for this purpose, "Singh, who is Nitish after JD (U) in no-2; He talks to JD's (U) office doctors here.

Responding to a question about sharing seats among NDA partners, Singh said that sharing seats with the BJP was the last step and that it would be formally announced shortly after the main leaders.

Flanked by party president Bashishtha Narain Singh and several spokespersons, Singh also said JD (U) would give priority to ticketing in the next general election.

He stated that in the coming months, the JD (U) would embark on a series of programs. About 80,000 stand agents will be trained and trained on party ideology.

"The JD (U) has a total of 30 cells, and the party will soon hold a" political conference "in each district to ensure good coordination among the 30 cells," said party leader Nitish Kumar. . had given a directive to strengthen the organization in Panchayat and at the stands. "We will soon have a vibrant organization in the 8,285 panchayats of the state," said Singh.

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