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Mayawati: Why MAYAWATI counts as much for the BJP as for the Congress India News

NEW DELHI: All Hope in the Congress of an Alliance, Party Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP) of Mayawati ruled out any alliance with Congress the assembly elections at Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Last month She announced that BSP would not be bound to Congress by Chhattisgarh either. The three states are in the running for elections in November-December.

MP and Rajathan talk about BSP on wedding rings on Wednesday, according to the report.

WHY: These are seats. "In Rajasthan, the Congress proposed us only 9 seats (out of 200), in deputies 15-20 (out of 230), in Chhattisgarh 5-6 (out of 90)". In addition, Mayawati said: "BSP loses more because of an alliance while its votes are transferred to Congress"

COMPETITION 2018: The importance of the BSP in these states stems from the strength of the Dalits, whom it regards as its core of vote bank. As deputies, Dalits account for over 15% of the population, about 17% in Rajasthan and almost 12% in Chhattisgarh. At the last vote of the Assembly of Deputies, BSP's voting share rose to 6.3%, while that of the BJP vote and Congress rose to 8%. Leading experts said the results were different from those of BSP and that the Congress had beaten together. In fact, Congress + BSP has been voted more than the BJP in 6 out of 9 elections in assemblies in these states since 2003. All of these BJP states are in power and a divided opposition has worked to secure it.

MODEL OF KARNATAKA : Mayawati could even follow the pattern of alliance with regional parties and nibble congress votes and hurt her in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. In Karnataka, the BSP was linked to JD (S). Not only was his percentage of the vote there, but for the first time he has one of the candidates for the Assembly, who is now Minister of the Kumaraswamy Government.

In the elections in Gujarat also, if the Congress failed to eclipse the BJP, it was the BSP factor behind The Congress lost 20 seats in Gujarat with a 2000 vote margin and, on these seats, the BSP has each electoral constituency out of 2,000 votes more than the votes.

DIGVIJAYA THE TARGET: [1 9459009] Maaivati ​​was led by a senior congressman and former chief minister of the deputy, Digvijaya Singh . The link She said that Digvijaya itself was acting under the fear of an action by the Law Enforcement Branch and the IWC. The attack led to speculation about the choice of the target by Mayawati in congressional affairs.

BATTLE 2019: The closing of an alliance with Congress by Mayawati is a huge setback for the opposition's attempt to set up a united front or a "mahagathbandan" "BJP decision in future polls This also raises questions about the prospects of an alliance in the Lok Sabha poll.Sandia Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi plans to create an alliance between Congress and the BSP: Honest. ") – A sign that she might be able to explore a partnership for 2019 – and she did not say anything about the Lok Sabha poll.


Mayawati with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in 2018 during the swearing-in ceremony of the JD (S) -Congress of Karnataka

By accusing second-tier leaders like Digvijaya, she left the door to 2019. For the BJP, a three-pillar contest works in Uttar Pradesh and in any other state where it is in power.

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