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MHA Calls Rahul's Comment on Former GSP Leader "Unfounded" | News from India

New Delhi: Interior Minister Rahul Gandhi said Monday that the former head of the Special Protection Group (SPG), who served the Modi government said "hand picked" by RSS

Declaring that the case was verified, the Ministry of the Interior said that the agent in question, the former director of the GSP, Vivek Srivastava, had "specially asserted that & # 39; He was interacting with SPG protected persons during his professional service. " talk about the appointment of a new director or the reasons for his departure from SPG "during his interaction with Rahul Gandhi.

The Ministry of the Interior stated that Rahul's claims were regrettable, the GSP being a professional organization that takes the PM, the PMs and their families very seriously and defends their work. The ministry rejected Gandhi's claims, citing his alleged conversation with the former GSP chief as "unfounded, devoid of facts and unfortunate, coming from a GSP protection".

During an interaction with academicians, the head of Congress had claimed that educational institutions, the Supreme Court, the Electoral Commission and other organizations were "systematically captured By the Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Citing an example, he said: "When Mr. Narendra Modi came to power, a person from Gujarat was chosen to lead the GSP. In a short time he left the post. He told me that he had not given a list of GSP officers by RSS, and that is why he had sent home. "

Srivastava, a 1989 IPS officer of the Gujarat Group, was a director of SPG from December 2014 to March 2016, although an earlier order had been issued in early October 2016. No official reason was given for him. , at home. Ministry sources then told TOI that Srivastava was "too young" to be the director of the GSP, which is an additional DG level position. His successor, Arun Kumar Sinha, who belongs to the Kerala group, was also a senior IG officer at the time, although they were two Srivastava leaders.

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