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Pakistani person pens down heartfelt publish for females following observing a toddler being born

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It is often said that the bond between a mother and a child begins at the very moment when the child is conceived. From the first month until the baby is born, a mother puts all her heart and soul to make sure her baby is fine. Although there have been several debates on whether maternity is a sacrifice or a privilege, it is only one who has followed the procedure that will most likely give the correct answer.

However, there are also those who have often heard and read about childbirth but have never seen it for real. Interestingly, a 23-year-old fourth-year medical student from Aga Khan University, Pakistan, was so touched by his experience of witnessing a delivery that he had decided to write it and share it with the world.

Shabbir Mustafa had an unforgettable experience watching a woman give birth for the first time. During his two weeks in the obstetrics and gynecology ward, the young student was filled with fear. Taking in social media, Mustafa wrote how this particular event inspired him and made him respect women in a new light.

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“So I saw my first cesarean last Tuesday and that has honestly inspired me a new respect for women.I had read and heard a lot about the miracle of childbirth and as sacred as I thought, I did not know that it would be so touching in person.After touring for about 2 weeks in Obs & Gynae, I am already amazed by the resilience of every woman with whom I am Interacted.

For the layman, at a cesarean section, women receive a kind of special anesthesia that numbs their waist. They are usually awake during this period (although they are sedated and disoriented). But as soon as they know that their baby has come into this world (taken out of the womb by the surgeons), despite all the numbness, despite the pain, despite the discomfort, all the pulling and stretching, all the work and exhaustion, there is only one thing in mind, the well-being of their baby.

On my first observation, when the surgeon pulled out the baby (hearing the baby crying instantly is another miracle), the lady on the table, almost asleep by exhaustion and sedation, looked towards she (where I was standing) and sang just one thing … mera bacha theek hai & # 39 (My baby is it fine?)
The whole thing took me by surprise and tears flowed down to my throat and I looked elsewhere to avoid to sob and worry the woman, as I reassured her that the baby was fine.

Almost none of us realize what women are really capable of. They literally do everything and always have the strength to draw something from this miracle. I would just like to quote a few lines from Maxwell&#39s song “This Woman&#39s Work” (which was coincidentally two weeks in a show (The Maid&#39s Tale) on the subjugation of women in a fictitious United States)

&#39I know you have a little life left
I know you still have a lot of strength & # 39

The song deals mainly with childbirth and labor, and how a woman continues to be unwavering. Please, take a little time to listen. It is about respecting and understanding women and the miracles they are capable of.

(Ps this message means that women are only machines for making babies and that only mothers are worthy of respect, which has allowed me to understand how much a woman is capable of empathy, humility and resilience: women have and will continue to be able to do so much more “

Mustafa told indianexpress.com that he began his rotations in Gynecology and Obstetrics in April. This basically means that students aspiring to become doctors at the university have time to work in different departments to better understand them. They are also assigned clinics and operating rooms. It was during one of the operating rooms that he saw a woman, who was awake, undergo a caesarean section. “It was absolutely unbelievable to witness all that,” he also said.

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