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PMO takes action to remove obstacles in road projects reported by Modi | News from India

New Delhi: The Prime Minister's Office strongly urged to remove obstacles to the construction of 18 sections of highway to Bihar of Jammu and Kashmir ] Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra for whom PM Narendra Modi laid the foundations

The absence of rights-free land, lower performance than entrepreneurs and lack of aggregates, has been identified as one of the major slow progress projects.

In a recent report of the Prime Minister's Office, it was found that in one case – NH-30 of the Patna-Koilwar section – the refusal of the Bihar government to share the cost of acquisition of land forced the center to seize. The contract that has been awarded to a private player. The 32 km section has been expanded to four lanes and has been 100% funded by the government.

Similarly, in two other sections of Bihar, 40 to 43 percent of the required land is still acquired at the beginning of the works. In the case of the four-lane widening of the Patna-Gaya-Dobhi section of the NH-83 in Bihar, progress is less than 10%, even three years after the award of works. This project was won by IL & FS Engineering and the Construction Company in April 2015. The reasons for the slow progress are the non-availability of land and a large number of arbitration procedures. There is also a problem on the part of the contractor. . This is no different in other projects in Bihar, which are Prime Minister's packages where late progress has become a concern.

"The acquisition of land is a major hurdle in Bihar because of the legal conditions prevailing in the state with respect to the land acquisition process. center and states are now working to find a way out, no roads can be widened, "said a central government official.

The land problem is also responsible for the slow progress of the 7 km long Pardi overflight project in Nagpur, where five hectares of land are yet to be provided for the project.

Sources said the Prime Minister's Office was putting more emphasis on advancing the Mumbai JNPT road connectivity project that began in May 2016 and ongoing work on three Delhi-Meerut Expressway Project Complexes in the National Capital Region . . Although progress on the second package of this critical phase, which includes 14 lanes of the 19-km corridor connecting Delhi to Dasna, only accounts for 24 percent, NHAI officials said they would be the first general election.

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