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Pope compares abortion to hiring a hit man to solve problems

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VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis compared abortion to mafia-type murder, saying that Is the equivalent of hiring an influential man to "take a human life to solve a problem".

Francis made these comments, among his most powerful against abortion, at Wednesday's weekly hearing devoted to command. urging the faithful not to kill.

Francis stated that some people justify that abortion respects other rights. But, he asked, "How can an act repressing an innocent and defenseless life during its development be therapeutic, civil or simply human?"

He asked if it was right "to suppress a human life" to solve it. a problem: "Is it fair to hire a killer to solve a problem? This is not right. We can not eliminate a human being even if it's small."

[1945]  Image: Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday
Pope Francis at the Vatican Tony Gentile / Reuters

This was the second time in recent months that Francis was violently and violently expressing long-standing opposition to abortion.

In June, Francis denounced the fact that some couples use prenatal tests to check if their unborn baby suffers from malformations and then chooses to have an abortion, which he said , is the equivalent of the "white glove" of the eugenic program of the Nazi era.

Francis introduced abortion and euthanasia as part of what he calls the "disposable culture", where the sick, the poor, the elderly, and the elderly Unborn children are considered unworthy of protection and dignity by a society that privileges the individual's prowess and success.

The official teaching of the church that opposes abortion is absolute and provides no exception. That said, Francis acknowledged that women are sometimes pushed by abortion to particular circumstances and he has extended the ability of ordinary priests – and not just bishops – to absolve them from the sin of abortion. They are repenting.

Francis & # 39; comments were made during a three-week meeting of bishops from around the world on young people, where sexuality, including premarital sex, is among the topics of discussion.

Catholic teaching on abortion recently made headlines, including: during the controversial confirmation proceedings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the United States Supreme Court, a Catholic Jesuit educated whose vote could annul the legalized abortion in the United States

In addition, senators in Argentina rejected in August a bill that would have legalized the procedure in the country. origin of Francis.

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