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Rate of new Ebola cases has doubled since September

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LONDON – The rate of new cases of Ebola has more than doubled since September After the violence rebels in northeastern Congo, response efforts were briefly suspended, health officials said Thursday.

In a statement, the International Rescue Committee stated that it was "alarmed" that 33 new cases occurred between 1 and 1 October. Tuesday against 41 cases throughout the month of September.

Most of the new cases occurred in Beni, where the experts had to suspend their efforts to contain the Ebola virus for several days after a deadly attack by the rebels. With several armed groups active in the region, health officials said they were operating effectively in a war zone.

"This is a sign not only that the focus is not under control, but that without a total commitment to the things of the community could well get worse," said Dr. Michelle Gayer, CRI Senior Director of Emergency Health.

Earlier this week, the World Health Organization had noted that all health care workers who had contracted Ebola in this country the epidemic – 19 so far – have been infected outside of hospitals or clinics, which means that the virus is spreading in the community.

The WHO warned that the risk of regional spread of the Ebola virus is "very high," noting that the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri affected by Congo share borders with Uganda and Rwanda. The WHO said the risk of international spread remains low.

Although the United Nations health agency reported that experts were monitoring this week more than 2,100 contacts of Ebola cases in Beni, the epicenter of the world. epidemic, reported that he had lost track of 40 other cases. Community fears posed a challenge as the region faced its first Ebola outbreak.

The WHO reported that health workers were looking for a confirmed case who had left an Ebola clinic in Beni and "disappeared into an unsafe area of ​​Kalunguta." Spread of the virus in the "red zones" ", where the threat of armed groups makes health efforts almost impossible, is a major concern.

The Congo Ministry of Health indicates that to date 159 cases have been confirmed, including 87 deaths. A new vaccine has been administered to more than 15,000 people since the outbreak was declared on 1 August.

The WHO said that health workers burying Ebola victims, whose bodies were infectious, were victims of "a new degree of aggression" communities and that efforts to bury people safely have stopped in some areas.

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