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‘Representation matters’: Fans react to Marvel planning its first ever Muslim hero in the MCU

Written by Shreya Das
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Posted: 14th May, 2018 20:25:38

 Wonder Studios, Wonder ms, Wonder Comics, Priyanka Chopra, Wonder Muslim Wonder, Pakistan Wonder, Muslim Wonder Character, Viral News, News of entertainment, indian express "data-lazy-src =" http://images.indianexpress.com/2018/05/ms-marvel-mcu-759.jpg "/> <noscript data-recalc-dims= [19459064studiosmarvelmsmarvelmarvelcomicspriyankachopramerveillemusulmanemarvelmsmerveillepakistanipersonnagemusulmanmerveillenouvellesviralesnouvellesdiscovermentindianexpress"/> Ms. Marvel made her first appearance in 2013 and later became the first major Muslim figure in a Marvel comic book. (Source: @ tonythtark / Twitter)

The call for inclusion, diversity and equality in movies and televisions is not new. And with major successes like Black Panther, Wonder Woman and Quantico, it seems that we are finally coming to the time when the public can see relatable characters on the screen. Taking a step further to showcase the diversity, Marvel Studios have recently confirmed that they plan to make a movie of Ms. Marvel in the future. The move is important because it means that Marvel plans to introduce his first Muslim superhero.

Yes, Miss Marvel is an American Muslim teenager of Pakistani origin named Kamala Khan who is inspired to become a hero by Captain Marvel. The cheerful news was confirmed by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. In a recent interview with the BBC, Feige said, "Mrs. Marvel, who is another character in the comics, the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, certainly somehow in the works." We have plans for once we have introduced Captain Marvel to the world. "

Soon the news spread on social media platforms and Muslims around the world were thrilled because Khan would soon be part of the Marvel film universe (MCU). Many thought it would be inspiring for many young girls of Muslim descent and an important topic of conversation.

The news also gave rise to serious discussions and debates about who could play the 16-year-old cartoon character. Many have suggested Priyanka Chopra and this has angered the fans, since she is neither Pakistani, nor adolescent, nor Muslim.

The character, the first Muslim leader of Marvel Comics is from New Jersey. Created by the editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, the writer G. Willow Wilson and the artist Adrian Alphona, first appearance in Captain Marvel no. August 14, 2013 before becoming the star of the Ms Marvel solo series launched in February 2014.

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