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The opposition alliance should not aim to "contain" Congress: Salman Khurshid | India News

KOLKATA: As opposition parties against an anti-BJP front for the 2019 ballot of Lok Sabha, senior Congressman Salman Khurshid states that no grand alliance should be aimed at "containing Congress" and that all its components make "sacrifices and adjustments" for the sole purpose of defeating the NDA led by the BJP

Khurshid also thinks it will be difficult for Congress.

"All of our leaders have made it very clear that an alliance is needed to change the government of the country." BJP must disappear. All it takes to sacrifice, adjust and negotiate to make it a Congress is ready to make the Alliance a reality, "said Khurshid.

"But it is just that this is the same attitude as that of the other parties (of the opposition). The alliance should not be for Congress, the alliance must eliminate the BJP and we are ready to do everything "he said.

[When asked if it was possible for Congress to come to power alone, the former Minister of External Affairs said: "This is obviously difficult today." .

"If this is the goal, then we will have to work over a period of five years." You can not work for three years, and then you suddenly say we're going to fight to win. We must fight for the alliance and we will do everything we can to make this alliance a success, "he said.

Congress is the only party to get seats from all over the country and all other parties (from the opposition) get their seats, he added.

"Today, the elasticity of numbers is much greater when you speak of seats from all over the country and seats from your own state only – that is the practical reality with which all leaders have to deal with an open mind, "said Khurshid, also minister of law and justice of the UPA II.

Khurshid's comments on the possibility of a grand alliance of the opposition fall within the context of the I 's efforts. opposition to creating a united front against the BJP ahead of the 2019 elections and the decision of BSP chief Mayawati to replace him. Only in the next elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh without any truck with Congress. Elections to the Assembly are also held in Mizoram

The Samajwadi party also decided not to forge an alliance with Congress in Madhya Pradesh, accusing it of "not engaging too long".

Khurshid said that the goal of the grand alliance is to overthrow the government.

"If the participants in the grand alliance forget this goal, it is obvious that this will not happen and that it will be a loss for all parties and the country," he said.

However, the congressional leader was hopeful of getting back to the Mayawati BSP, claiming that the election issues were different from those of the Lok Sabha poll.
[1 945 9 006] [1 945 9 005] "Once the elections in the state give us some indication of the mood of the public, it may be easier to tie the grand alliance," said Khurshid, who was President of Uttar Pradesh.

The candidate for the post of prime minister of the opposition will not be a problem in forging the grand alliance when its leaders have made it clear that this could be decided after the result of the ballot. he declares.

"I think those who raise this issue do not want us to fight against the BJP," he said.

While he was talking about the revival of Congress, Khurshid hailed the party's president, Rahul Gandhi, for "infusing fresh energy and determination" into the party and he stated that it was time to make sacrifices and give the best to the people. Party

"We lost some elections, but we won the Punjab and kept the BJP away from Karnataka." States will be a measure of what we have recovered over the past four years, "he said.

The former minister of the Union rejected the BJP's assertion that the opposition alliance had no leader. She said that there were "leaders in the opposition alliance" with four to five powerful regional parties and that "Congress, even in its weak form is strong across the country. "

Regarding the foreign policy of this waiver, he alleged that the Modi government had failed to build on what he had obtained from previous governments and that there was nothing to show in terms of achievements.

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