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The Rafale case is the "father of the bofors": the deputy of Sena, Sanjay Raut | News from India

Leader of Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut Sunday, the controversial Rafale Accord as "Father of Bofors" and Head of Congress [1 945 9 005] Rahul The importance of Gandhi in the country's politics has increased after repeatedly speaking against the agreement

In an article in Sena's "Saamana" guide, Raut explained that the accused people of Sonia Gandhi's family had received bribes of a value of $ 65 million. dollars in the Bofors agreement currently in power. "Today, they are accused of pocketing 700 rupees in the Rafale jet contract, Rafale is Bofors' father."

After a search at Indian Janata Party on the claims of François Hollande on the agreement, the MP for Sena asked if the former French president would support the President of the Congress or National ".

According to the French media, on September 21, Mr. Hollande reportedly said that the Indian government had proposed the manufacturer of Rafale Dassault Aviation under the contract of 58 000 rupees and that France l & # He had done. no choice

"The question is not that Anil Ambani got the contract for the fighter planes, but against the price of Rs 527 crore for each jet, the deal was concluded at 1 570 crore (Prime Minister Narendra The mandate of the Modi government, that is, intermediaries receive a commission of about Rs.1 trillion per jet, "said Sena's leader.

Raut dismissed as ridiculous the BJP's allegations that Gandhi's criticism of the agreement related to "speaking in the words of Pakistan and helping" the neighboring country. "The same allegations were made against the Congress during the Bofors deal (in the late 1980s), did not it help Pakistan, those in power in Bofors are scandalous? are not ready to believe that Rafale is a scam. "

"Only Rahul Gandhi was against the Rafale deal, while all the other political parties were silent." Thus, Rahul now takes more importance in the politics of the nation, "said the MP.

Raut was hesitant that the government would try to stop the controversy by referring to the publications of Ram Temple and Hindu-Muslim. He alleged that a process had been put in place to deceive everyone on the deal and that the spokespersons for the government and the BJP had "100 lies to hide a lie".

"Nothing is related to security agreements anymore." It is therefore useless not to divulge details in the name of national security. RTI defense agreements, yet this Rafale is out, "he added.

Led by Congress, opposition parties attack the BJP government over the Rafale agreement, claiming it was routing 36 Rafale aircraft to France at an exorbitant price.

The government denied the prosecution, arguing that it was getting the jets cheaper than what the previous UPA regime had negotiated. Anil Ambani claimed that the Indian government had no role to play in choosing its company by Dassault as a local partner.

Shiv Sena is part of the BJP-led government in Central and Maharashtra. The party led by Uddhav Thackeray has often criticized the Modi government for its policies and other problems.

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