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Twitterati lambaste Sabyasachi as he shames women who don’t know how to drape a sari

Written by Shreya Das
Last Updated: 12 February 2018 22:54 pm

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The famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is perhaps a household name in traditional Indian wedding clothes, but his remark at a recent conference draws a lot of criticism on the Internet as well as offline. The designer, known for his beautiful saris, said that Indian women who can not drape a sari should be ashamed. Mukherjee criticized women on Saturday, especially the younger generation, for not wearing a sari and giving preference to western outfits and as his commentary dismissed it caused a huge uproar on social media platforms.

S addressing Indian students at a Harvard conference in India, the designer said : "I think if you tell me you do not know how to wear a sari, I would say shame.It is a part of your culture, (you) need to defend it. "

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"Women and men try very hard to be something that they are not in. Your clothes should be part of who you are and connect to your roots," said the designer. "It's a misunderstanding relationship." It's easy to wear a sari. "The wars were conducted in sari." The grandmothers slept in sari and woke up without any creases, "he said. he added.

Watch his complete speech here :

Although he pointed out that Indian men also do not wear dhoti anymore but have never shamed them. "Indian women have kept the sari alive, but the dhoti is dead," the designer laughed. But many have called his opinion biased, and have called for unfairly imposing on women the responsibility of maintaining Indian traditions. Many have criticized the designer for being sexist and misogynistic, arguing that it is so prosperous patriarchy. His remark created a huge online debate especially after Manohar Parrikar recently said that he was scared when the girls started drinking beer.

On Twitter, many women have come forward to criticize the designer and others who think that it is acceptable to tell women what to do and what else. Sample them:

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