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United States and India talk about the sale of drones and the trade of satellite data | India News

WASHINGTON / NEW DELHI: The United States and India will search for to finalize a range of defense agreements all through significant-level talks this 7 days aimed at bringing their two armies nearer collectively and to counteract the influence of China in location.

US Secretary of Protection Jim Mattis and Secretary of Condition Mike Pompeo will fulfill with Indian Minister of International Affairs Sushma Swaraj and the Minister of Protection Protection Nirmala Sitharaman Discussions

Canceled 2 times a yr, it represents the optimum level of dialogue between the two nations and was permitted by US President Donald Trump and Indian Key Minister Narendra Modi last yr.

Officers and specialists consider that the assembly is not only symbolically critical, but will give the two biggest democracies in the earth the possibility to make genuine progress, although ironing is critical.

[1 945 9 002] “The 2 + 2 represents a historic possibility to build our expanding partnership,” US Maritime Basic Joseph Dunford told reporters. .

Talks will be held on Thursday.

Randall Schriver, the Pentagon&#39s prime Pentagon official, predicted last 7 days that the talks would end result in “a collection of concrete outcomes.”

[The United States and India have strengthened their protection ties over the past decade, partly because of mutual concerns about China's growth.

India has been alarmed by the increasing economic and security ties between China and Southeast Asia. Asian giants with nuclear weapons were blocked last year by a 10-week military clash in an isolated, high-altitude area of ​​a Himalayan border.

Earlier this year, the US Army renamed its Pacific Command the US Indo-Pacific Command, a decision underscoring the growing importance of India for the Pentagon.

Among the topics of discussion, the United States hopes to finalize an agreement on a communication framework that will share information safely.

The Competitiveness and Security of Communications Agreement (COMCASA) has long been a demand of the United States and will be able to sell sensitive defense equipment in India, as the armed version of the Guardian drones.

Historically, India has opposed the deal because it seems too intrusive. Earlier this year, an Indian defense source told Reuters that the deal was aimed at New Delhi.

"It would be a big deal, if this announcement were to advance interoperability, it would really be an important step," said Alyssa Ayres, a former American. State Department official and now a senior member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The two sides are also negotiating another agreement, a basic exchange and cooperation agreement, which will enable them to share advanced satellite data for navigation and missile targeting, sources said. Indian military.

The United States is ready to exploit the large defense market in India. It has emerged as the No. 2 India's arms supplier, worth $ 15 billion for the last decade.

A senior US defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the two countries were considering a major joint exercise involving troops on land, at sea and in the air. More details were not immediately available.

[9459002] Each nations organize navy maneuvers, air routines, and even particular forces routines, but war online games involving all a few weapons depict a defense on a much larger scale.

Irrespective of optimism, US officers accept that the two nations will also talk about main disagreements.

“India concerns the coherence of the system and US worries The United States pursues insurance policies hostile to Indian passions these as continued dependence on Russian armed service products and Iranian oil, “stated Sameer Lalwani, co-director of the South. Asia program in the Stimson Heart consider tank in Washington

The United States is fearful about India&#39s prepared acquire of Russian S-400 floor-to-air missile devices.

[The United States imposed radical sanctions on Russia, which would see every country involved in its defense and intelligence sectors facing US secondary sanctions. However, a new defense bill is the president of waivers in cases of national security interests.

Schriver, of the Pentagon, stated that there was no guarantee that India would obtain a waiver if it ran the Russian system

India has almost concluded commercial negotiations with Russia on missile systems and intends to pursue it as part of its defenses against China, said a senior official. Department of Defense.

The two sides have been trying for months to reach an agreement on the agreement before the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India, scheduled for early October for annual summit talks.

The United States also push countries to import Iranian oil after Trump's withdrawal in 2015 of an agreement between Iran and six world powers.

Up to now, India, Iran's first oil buyer after China, has not yet decided the size of Iranian imports and their size in the United States .

United States sanctions against the Iranian energy sector should be reimposed after a "liquidation period" of 180 days ending in November. 4.

["19459010]” I consider we have to sit down and have this extremely open up, frank and sober dialogue and see wherever we arrive from, “stated Schriver.

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