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Viral video of an Alpaca riding a taxi in Peru has left Netizen baffled and in splits

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Posted: 7 November 2018 19:12:10

<img class = "wp-image-5437134 size-full" src = "https://s0.wp.com/wp- content / themes / vip / plugins / lazy-load-0.7 / images / 1×1.trans.gif "alt =" The alpaca rides a taxi, a farm animal taxi, animal videos funny, animal videos, animal videos, cute videos, viral videos, indian express, weird views, weird news, weird news "data-lazy-src =" https: // images .indianexpress.com / 2018/11 / alpaca-taxi-peru-759.jpg [19459054RH19459015]  alpaca rides a taxi, a farm animal taxi, videos from Peru, a video of cute animals , animal videos, pretty videos, viral videos, strange views, strange news, weird news, strange news The video has collected more than four million views on Twitter.

Bringing your pet into your car may not be a bargain, is not it? But not so much when he could act from a taxi. If you are not yet surprised, wait for the animal that was riding in the taxi was not a dog or a cat but an alpaca! Yes, the very unusual scene was filmed by a stunned traveler in the streets of Peru. Now the video has attracted a lot of attention online and although most are surprised, others can not stop laughing.

It was posted on Instagram by Andre J Mendivil who wrote: "Something different. My father filmed this video while walking the streets of Cusco, Peru. The video shows that an elderly woman rides for the first time in the red cab and that soon after the furry pet enters the small car! The driver closes the door without hassle and the animal sits in the vehicle with the members of his family.


Watch the video here:

The video was also shared on Twitter, where it was viewed by more than four million people at the time of writing and many were perplexed, and some could not help but crack jokes.

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