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When Salman pecked cheeks of Shilpa's mother

1 / 36 from 1945 to 1945] This image of Salman Khan with Shilpa Shetty 's mother is the cutest thing you will ever see today

Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan were presented in several movies together and share a close connection with the screen. . The actress recently took advantage of her Instagram account to share a nice picture of Salman with her mother.

Parallel to the message, she wrote a long legend in which she explained that Salman was the only friend you will have against 100 enemies. . In the picture, we see Khan kissing the cheeks of Shilpa's mother.

Celebrating her friendship with the superstar, she said: "The picture of the night or should I say the day! I do not know when the sun rose? This picture speaks a thousand words. @ Sunandashetty10 and @ beingsalmankhan .. #kissoflove Here are our 25 years 5 days and 4 hours and 3 seconds of friendship 😅😂🤣 @ mushtaqshiekh only you will get this joke.They say for 50 enemies that you have 1 friend .. @ You alone is enough for a 100 🤗 #gratitude #nostalgia #friendsforever #unconditionallove #blessed #cray #oldtimes #aboutlastnight #laughs.

Meanwhile, the actress who hypnotized everyone with her on-screen charm, married businessman Raj Kundra in 2009 and the two became the parents of an adorable little boy, Viaan, in 2012.

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